PGDCA II Semester Assignments

Visual Basic.Net Topics

S.No. Topic
1 What is .Net? Write its features and architecture.
2 What is Visual Studio. And IDE of VB.Net.
3 Write about the Variable. And explain its Constant.
4 What is Array? Its types..
5 Define control flow statement brily.
6 Explain different type of Window form.
7 Define OOP Concepts.
8 Define Access specify
9 Write the database object and
10 What is ado.Net? Write about the programming

Tally Topics

S.No. Topic
1 What is Accounting ? Write it’s important and goals.
2 How to create, Display, and alter godown.
3 How to Create and select Company.
4 Write Company features and printing Configuration.
5 Explain Budget & Scenario report.
6 How to create Different reports of Account book
7 What are Inventory vouchers? How to create it
8 Explain different Inventory Reports ?
9 Write printing options.

(i) Sales Transaction                (ii) Purchase Transaction

(iii) Debit/Credit Note            (iv) Reminder letter

Important Notes

  • Take any 4 questions and prepare 1 File of having 20 pages.
  • Only hand written files is allowed.
  • Please submit your file before 10 December 2017.
  • प्रत्येक Subject से दो – दो Topic लेना हैं और एक फाइल बनानी हैं
  • फाइल 20 पेज की होनी चाहिए
  • फाइल Hand Written होनी चाहिए
  • फाइल 10 December 2017 तक जमा करें