DCA II Semester Assignment

Internet and Web Page Designing

S. No. Topics for Practical Files
1. Applications of Internet, History of Internet
2. WWW, World Wide Web (WWW) History
3. Web Browsers, Its function Concept of Search Engines
4. Internet Vs Internet
5. Connectivity -Dial-up,Leased line, VSAT etc.
6. E-Mail :Concepts, Basics of Sending & Receiving, E-mail, Free E-mail services.
7. Client/Server Architecture Characteristic
8. Internet chatting -Voice chat, text chat.
9. Searching the Web ,HTTP, URLs, Web Servers, Web Protocols.
10. Web Publishing Concepts, Domain Name Registration.
11. HTML,Design Tools,HTML Editors , Image Editors .
12. HTML Concepts of Hypertext ,Versions of HTML
13. HTML Tags – Inserting Texts, Images, Hyperlinks
14. HTML Table Layout and Presentation
15. Use of Font Size & Attributes, List types and its Tags

Desktop Publishing (Page Maker, Photoshop)

S. No. Topics for Practical Files
1. Introductions to Printing ,Types of Printing
2. Use of Desk Top Publishing in Publications ,Importance of
3. D.T.P in Publication, Advantage of D.T.P in Publication
4. Laser printers –Use, Types, Advantage of lager printer in publication
5. Page Layout Different page format / Layouts, News paper page format
6. Introductions To Page Maker & Uses
7. Tool Box, Styles, Menus etc.
8. Menu Commands and short-cut commands
9. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop & Documents
10. Various Graphic Files and Extensions
11. Vector Image and Raster Images
12. Various Colour Modes and Models.
13. Introduction to Screen and Work Area
14. Photoshop Tools & Palettes
15. Use of Layers & Filters

Important Notes

  • Take any four questions and prepare 1 file of having 20 pages.
  • Only hand written files is allowed.
  • Please submit your file before 10 December 2017.
  • प्रत्येक Subject से दो – दो Topic लेना हैं और एक फाइल बनानी हैं
  • फाइल 20 पेज की होनी चाहिए
  • फाइल Hand Written होनी चाहिए
  • फाइल 10 December 2017 तक जमा करें